International Wasai Promotion Project

International Wasai Promotion Project

Under the supervision of Mr. Kazumi Furuoya, a member of the Japan Association of Japanese Tailors, we will introduce Japanese tailoring techniques using a video learning application to people overseas who are interested in the production and dressing of kimonos.

In order to promote more of Japan’s traditional culture, we have incorporated “Washi Kimono” and “Washi Obi” made entirely by hand using the traditional “paper-making” technique of “Ecchu Yatsuo Washi” from Toyama Prefecture, which offers incredible durability that is hard to believe it is paper. We have integrated lessons for “Washi Kimono” and “Washi Obi” using “Koshihachijo washi” into our program. The “Japanese Kimono” has existed since the Heian period as the most glamorous clothing for the aristocrats, and it is a traditional Japanese dress that has evolved over the ages, including the Kamakura, Muromachi, Azuchi-Momoyama, and Edo periods.

Kazumi Furuoya, Master Japanese Tailor
Executive Director, Japanese Tailors Association
National Certified First Class Master of Japanese Traditional Clothing
Tokyo Meister Vocational Training Instructor
Director of Denen Wasson Ltd


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